Wednesday, April 29, 2015


In my Educational Technology and Design class, we were asked to create an ePortfolio using Google Sites. Throughout the semester, we created 6 artifacts: a Thematic Unit, a WebQuest, a Learning Tool, the Video Project, a Personal Learning Network, and you guessed it… a Blog!

Each of these artifacts had to meet at least one of the inTASC standards. There are 10 standards:
1) Learner Development
2) Learning Differences
3) Learning Environments
4) Content Knowledge
5) Application of Content
6) Assessment
7) Planning for Instruction
8) Instructional Strategies
9) Professional Learning and Ethical Practice
10) Leadership and Collaboration

For each artifact, we had to name the standards it met and describe how. We also had to have a screenshot of the artifact, provide a description, and name the intended learner. Below, I will provide the link for ePortfolio. Feel free to take a look!

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